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Architectural planning

Architecture (Greek αρχη – foundation, origin; Latin tectum  - house, shelter) is one of the most comprehensive areas of human life that deals with the matter of space and solves space problems, whether a development strategy for an agglomeration or a door knob design.

According to the Old Roman architect Vitruvius, architecture is based upon three pillars: Latin firmitas – stability, Latin utilitas – use or gain, and Latin venustas – beauty (the so-called Vitruvius’ Triade) – and relates in harmony to the proportion of the human body. Much later, in the 15th century, Alberti added the fourth pillar – goal orientation, which can be defined as the logical sequence of the previous three.


Prior to the architectural planning, one needs to complete requirements specification. We have created a standard list of questions. By answering them you will have  a completed requirements specification to begin with the architectural project.


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Construction planning

The goal of construction planning is the rational and harmonic combination of the various methods to develop and manufacture details. The parametric construction as a development method is the foundation to conduct the planning and construction works and allows to foresee the result in the early stages of the project development and, thus, to define the effectiveness of synchronization processes.

Construction planning is an integral part of the any architectural project and is represented in a separate folder called “Construction development” or CD. The CD Folder contains several chapters depending on what materials you have chosen for your house: reinforced concrete, steel, or wood.


Construction planning requires an obligatory licensing. Therefore, when choosing a company, you need to make sure that this company has the official right to conduct such works. Below you will find the main parts of a standard project, but every project is unique, some parts may be absent, whereas others will be additionally included.

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Design planning

Design means a creative method, a process and result of the creative planning of technical elements and their systems, with the goal to achieve a high degree of compliance with the utilitarian and esthetic needs of people. Design encompasses all aspects of the human activities. A person who works in any area of design, is called a designer.


Interior (from French intérieur - internal) is the creative decoration of the internal space that ensures the optimal conditions for human activities. Interior design synthesizes pragmatic and creative ideas and solutions aimed to improve condition of human activities in a whole esthetic form.


Interior is comprised of three constituents:
Internal construction volume – floor, walls, ceiling;
Filling (equipment, furniture);
Functional processes that form space and the ambience.

Since old days the internal scene of the house informed the guests about who lived in the house. Interior design is the face of house’ inhabitants. Therefore, interior design should be created and implemented by a skillful professional, a designer.


A design project is not simpler that an architectural or engineering one. Besides the esthetic dimension , it must consider ergonomics and practical aspects of life and work, as well as many other parameters.


Requirements specification for a design project is provided by the Client who expresses his or her wishes and expectations.

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Landscape planning

Landscape design is a type of art aimed to create harmony and beauty and to achieve a high degree of compliance with surrounding buildings, thus, minimizing the urbanization effects and maximizing the presence of nature.


Since old days, gardens have been the traditional form of outdoor space organization. They were extremely popular in the palaces of the Eastern kings and rulers, such as , for instance, the Hanging Gardens of Semiramis. Further on, gardening as a type of art spread itself everywhere. At that time, the gardens served practical purposes as well and brought fruits only later evolving to mere oasis of blossom and flowers.


However, neither fruit bearing trees nor flowers not have a common use in the modern landscape design, especially in its contemporary urban form. Landscape design is a term stemming from the 20th century. The term emerged in Western Europe, in its densely populated and industrialized countries, such as Great Britain, Germany. Rapid industrialization in those countries led to more pressure on the environment. The elements of landscape design are versatile. Their main groups are:


• The buildings forming the center of the landscape project, the goal of which is to soften the unnatural geometrical lines of structures, minimize their pressure on the environment, and hide its malformations. Buildings may be one- or multifloor, separate or consisting of blocks, private or commercial, typical or individual, and generally designated for various purposes.
• Lawn cover of various plants and herbs;
• Green plants, such as trees, bushes, flowers, and their combinations;
• Various large decorative elements (lake, pond, brook, fountain, rocks, sculpture);
• Smaller decorative elements.

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Engineering planning

Engineering systems today represent a complex of many constituents. Every details must be well thought through. Even the slightest deviation from the rule will bring about problems in the use. Therefore, planning of engineering systems must be referred to as exact science.


Planning of engineering systems is an art that makes people’s lives comfortable and carefree. The planning involves creative decisions and is reminiscent to the creation of music that can and should be perceived as the inspiring background to our everyday lives.


Engineering systems make it possible for the inhabitant to enjoy water supply, energy, electricity, drainage.


The planning of engineering systems is split in two groups:
• External systems
• Internal systems

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Construction supply

The selection of furniture and materials is an important and complex stage of any design project. It requires experience and skills from the executor, directly influencing the time spent and the price of the decorative works! Currently, the manufacturers offer a wide choice of decorative materials, furniture, lighting equipment, textile goods. The challenge emerges when one person – interior designer – needs to track with all the trends and finds it impossible at the end.


Our company has created a dedicated department of managers, where each person specializes in one area, whether it is sanitary engineering, floor covers, smart house systems, home cinema, wallpaper and textiles, furniture of the European, Asian, and U.S. manufacturers. The managers explore the market to monitor the new trends, visit Russian and international exhibitions, as well as master-classes and workshops.


The main goals of the department are:
Professional technical consultation on any stage of work, including the first negotiations and the conclusion of the agreement for a design project;
Extended search of the required materials by esthetic, technical or price parameters;
Calculation of the required amount of materials;
Direct liaison with the manufacturers in Russia and abroad;
Purchasing of materials directly from factories and logistics;
Warning on all various issues regarding the use of a materials, peculiarities of the installation, etc.


Designer drafts and draws, selects images, creates the ambience and does not waste his time on visiting shops and limiting the Client with the choice of his preferred shops. Our designers visit master-classes by the leading manufacturers, presentations and exhibitions. In our company, we abide by the slogan “Everyone should be professional in his area and pursue his area of knowledge”.

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Luxury Design



Maria Zimina-Ponomarenko
General Director of  Luxury Design




A company that renders the whole range of services in the planning of constructions, reconstruction, restoration, decorative works of private homes, apartments and representative offices. We undertake works of any complexity level and offer architectural, constructional and engineering planning of residential and public buildings.


The mission is to satisfy the most demanding customer by offering the world’s best project that takes into account the habits and interests of the whole family, the Russian climate and mentality. When selecting a project, we offer to our clients the collection of ancient books from 16th and 18th century, as well as the portfolio of photo images, covering all significant houses built over the last 300 years in the world.



— Create design projects of facades of ceramics, natural stone and wood for private homes and public buildings;


— Perform the planning of landscape and small architectural forms;


— Perform the planning of external and internal engineering systems;


— Create design projects of interior, also in wood, and furniture design;


— Select materials and furniture by the catalogues of the leading international manufacturers;


— Create and manufacture textile décor.


Russia’s only company that renders services in the planning of the wooden houses, complex roof structures, small architectural forms and other structures of glued, glued and bent wooden structures with numeric control codes.


The uniqueness of our architecture and design bureau lies in the project documentation that is prepared together with the engineers, experts on decorative works and specialists at factories. This approach allows to avoid unpleasant surprises on the construction ground but also helps define the exact budget of the whole project.


By applying such principles as the realistic implementation, carefree maintenance, ecological compatibility, longevity, excellent soundproofing and microclimate, we manage to carry out projects that have no equivalents throughout Russia’s history.


Group of Companies




Luxury Homes — the leading constructor of country houses in the upscale segment. The company undertakes a turnkey construction and reconstruction of houses made of stone and wood, as well as appartments, offices, commercial and sports facilities. The company carries out project management, turnkey contracts; design, construction and decoration works; the provision of materials, equipment and furniture.

We work with various design offices, private architects and designers or with Luxury Design, a part of the Group of Companies.







Luxury Design — the architecture and design agency that performs architectural and landscape design, interior and furniture design in private homes, appartments, as well as representative offices.





Luxury WoodCraft — Russia’s only manufacturer of tailor-made complex wooden facilities. The factory is capable of implementing the most diverse ideas, whether the exclusive handmade furniture or grandiose wooden facilities of various wood kinds.

www.luxw.ru, www.luxurywood.ru






WoodConstruction Sports — the manufacturer and constructor of multifunctional wooden facilities for sports, show, commercial and industrial purposes.








Luxury Ceramics — the unique factory that develops and manufactures the architectural ceramics of natural clay for the facades and interior design in any color. The technology is based on the Spanish and English clay and ceramics tradition.


We assist

We have gathered extensive experience over the 15 years of work. The high professional level of our employees and the clear understanding of Client’s needs give us the ability to guarantee the compliance with the timeline and the agreements.


We help find the most effective engineering solutions and make you house more durable and reliable, as well as optimize the price and the timeline. We organize professional consultations for our clients that include visits to the factories and construction venues.


We analyze and undertake expertise

We analyze and undertake expertise of construction venues and collect information about the engineering systems needed for the house. We undertake expertise of the project by such aspects as environmental friendliness, microclimate, sound proofing, durability, energy effectiveness and carefree maintenance.

Full documentation

We have years of experience in managing construction projects. More and more often we deal with clients who have started to construct the house on their own and have been faced with serious issues at various stages of construction. Unfortunately, our mentality often is similar to the Russian saying – “no big deal to build a house, we will draw first, then we will move in”.

People who have not dealt with construction before and never studied it, make many mistakes when building their house. It is not always possible to interfere at a later stage and correct these mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes affect the durability of the house, its reliability and the carefree maintenance of the house, leading inevitably to the budget increase in both construction and maintenance.

We create

While employing the best of international practice and using both the old-time and contemporary construction technologies, we build truly unique houses and strive to put in architecture our clients’ way of thinking and fulfill their individual preferences.

We plan

We plan the budget and the timeline, always ready to correct them, if needed. Our clients always have a clear understanding of what the final price of the project and when it will be finished.

We manage


— manage construction on behalf of our clients;


— conduct the tender of the general contract and consult clients on the effective price strategy;


— control safety and environmental aspects of the projects at all stages of the planning and the construction;


— are responsible for the quality of the project not only to our clients, but also to the government, as we are qualified to execute the professional technical control.

We implement

We provide the full range of the planning, engineering and construction services, reconstruction and restoration of private and public buildings.

We care about your health

When purchasing a house or planning its construction, one needs to remember that it is crucial for residential buildings to have a healthy microclimate along with the comfort and safety. Unfortunately, it is widely spread that people pay attention to the price per square meter and end up living in a “box” that is neither comfortable nor safe. In winter it is cold, in summer it is too warm, the humidity level does not comply with any sanitary standards.


In some 95% of houses made of reinforced concrete, brick or timber, that have been built in the last 50 years, the warmth losses constitute from 40% to 80%. The reason often lies in the silly copying of the western technologies without adapting them to the Russian climate. In the heating season lasting in our geographical zone 8-9 months, the heating systems overheat the air in the house compensating for the warmth loss through the walls. It leads to the humidity decline of 10-15%, while the norm is 40-60%.

The low humidity level is the reason of many diseases affecting lungs, skin, especially with the children and elderly people. Besides, the cost of maintaining the temperature is quite high.

In the summertime, another problem emerges. Let’s remember, for instance, hotels and houses in the world’s best resorts: unless built 150-200 years ago, these buildings are not suitable for staying without air-conditioning. These conditions cannot be called comfortable and healthy.

Both issues emerge due to the wrong calculations of the warmth parameters of the buildings. It is just one of the examples of today’s “easy” approaches to construction!

As a result – issues with health, depressions and various diseases… Yet our health and the health of our close ones is the most precious thing we have! This is why Luxury Design tackles at early stages issues of forming and maintaining a healthy microclimate by means of modern technologies and safe construction and finishing materials.

We produce

Luxury Home Group of Companies has its own production facilities:

— wooden factory that produces structures of glued and glued-and-bent timber to be used to tennis courts, swimming pools, trade and exhibition spaces, small buildings, roofs of private and public buildings (both new and old ones);


— furniture factory that manufactures individually designed furniture but also windows, doors, staircases of any complexity level and of any type of wood;


— factory that produces architectural ceramics of natural sorts of clay.

We take all cares

Our clients need to make only three gestures: to say yes or to say no and, finally, pay the bill. We know the value of time and consider all wishes and preferences of our clients in the process of working on the project. Every client is in the hands of our top managers who personally take all decisions. All meetings are attended by the experts in their respective fields.


We do everything for our customers to enjoy the construction adventure and then feel happy in their new homes. Our goal is a client who is happy for years and years over the choice once made in our favor.

We save your money

If you wish for your house to have a selling value on the market and last for your children and even grandchildren, the project should be created in the team work with our engineers and construction experts who will consider all aspects of your land and have the technologies that will enhance the durability, energy effectiveness and environmental friendliness of your house. All of that allows to avoid mistakes at the stage of the planning and save the family budget.


Those who have the experience in construction know that the project documentation can be entrusted to an experienced architect only, after you have reviewed and visited his real projects. Many house owners have discovered that one should never try to save on the planning stage. This is where the rule “the greedy pay double” is absolutely true.


Well prepared working documentation is the foundation for a successful project. Besides, it allows you to announce a tender to other participating professional construction companies. As a result, you will receive the exact budget calculation for the construction and maintenance of the house!


Mutual trust between us and our clients is the foundation of our success. We attempt to make the work with us not only interesting and effective, but also enjoyable at all stages of the project work. We pay attention to every project and avoid pattern thinking in our approach.

When creating a design project and ordering supply, our clients pay for our services only, receiving great discounts from the factories. This approach allows to lower substantially the overall cost of the finishing works.

We guarantee

               - Longevity of the house -
               - Durability of facades -
               - Absence of icicles -
               - Environmental friendliness -
               - Healthy microclimate -
               - Ideal sound proofing -
               - Carefree maintenance -
               - Full compliance with quality standards -
               - Warranty service of the house -

Warranty service

Besides fulfilling our warranty obligations, we are ready to undertake the full service of the house in the warranty and post-warranty period, including the technical and engineering monitoring. We strive to make you living as comfortable as possible. Our Client should rest assured that any issues emerging in the process, will be solved effectively and urgently.


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